Vine – A Trend That Caught Fire

What is a Vine?

Most simply described, a Vine is a 5 to 10 second video clip. These video clips are taken using the Vine application on either Apple or Android devices. The service was launched in June of 2012 and was bought by Twitter only three months later.

The key characteristic of all Vines is that they are intended to be humorous. They are used to provide social commentary on hot internet topics such as ‘twerking,’ ‘first world problems’ and parodies.

Often these short video clips are stitched together in the form of a compilation video. These compiled videos are then uploaded to YouTube where they are enjoyed by millions of viewers who relish the opportunity to see multiple Vine clips consecutively. So, where can I buy Vine followers cheap? Take a look at YouTube and Twisted-Vine if you are seeking for a good supplier to get followers for Vine.

How Did Vine Become So Popular, So Quickly?

The Vine service became the most downloaded video sharing application just a few months after its release. It is suggested that the initial appeal of the app was that the videos could be shared with friends without taking too much of a bite out of one’s data budget.

Then the app began picking up some speed. The app features such as the loop count, which tallies up the number of times a particular clip has been viewed even when hosted on multiple platforms, and the ‘revine’ option, which works similarly to Twitter’s ‘retweet’ function.

Another unique feature on the app, Vine, is that you will not find any of your typical video recording buttons such as the record icon or the pause button. Instead, you need only touch the screen of your device to record, once you lift your finger off the screen your video will stop recording.

With this function, users could even create their own stop-motion videos. Dom Hofmann, RusYusupov, and Colin Kroll are the creators of the app and they chose to do away with the play/pause buttons to give the app a way to feel new and different to other video capturing and sharing sites.


Could Vine Have an Impact on Society?

In 2013, a buy Vine followers user was taking a video of the Boston Marathon and managed to capture some of the disastrous explosion as it happened. Though this was a terrible and heartbreaking tragedy, the video was shared and viewed on the app by over 35 000 people in under one hour.

The user who took and uploaded this video said that he had seen an opportunity to get help and draw attention to the situation and said that he knew the app could help him do that.

Having only been around for the better part of two years, Vine still has a far way to go but the good news is that it is likely not going to go away. The video sharing app is especially popular amongst the younger demographic and they are finding new and unique purposes for the app as each day goes by. Daft Punk, a popular music group, even released a promotion for their new album via the Vine app – a true testament to its place in modern society.

Instagram – An Awesome Site

Instagram – An Awesome Site That Keeps Your Connected to the World

Instagram is by far the best and easiest social media site to use. Downloading it takes just a few minutes and it is straightforward. All you need to do is to sign in, take a photo or a video, post it, then sit back and wait for those double taps and comments.

This is a site that allows you to share all your amazing moments with friends and strangers by just a press of a button. You also get a chance to add a caption to your photos and videos. You can also keep up with your favorite Socialites, celebrities or fashion icons whenever and wherever you are. Instagram offers you an easy way to keep in touch with your friends and probably make some new ones. So, can I get Instagram followers?


The following three features make Instagram an amazing site to use:

Photo and Video Filters

Buy 50 Instagram likes comes with free custom-designed filters. Therefore, apart from capturing and recording your videos, you are given an option of transforming them to appear somehow different but better.

You can change the complexion, brightness, rotate, add backgrounds, add emoticons, straighten them, tilt-shift or zoom them. You also get the option to change the saturation, contrast, perspective, highlights as well as the shadows.

You are also given a chance to have that flawless skin by Instagram! There is a variety of filters availed by this site, for free, that gives that spotless face you always wanted. With just a touch on your screen, you totally transform that picture to give it an awesome look.

Instagram Security and Privacy

Your login details are highly secured such that you are the only one who can access your account unless you give out your details.

About privacy, Instagram gives you maximum privacy. You have an option of an open account where anyone, friends (followers) or strangers (those who are not following you) can get to see your uploads, both photos, and videos. This is an ideal option for people don’t mind sharing their moments with just anyone.

Alternatively, you can go for the second option which offers you some privacy. People who just want to share their videos and photos with specific people such as friends or family, go for the private account. Here, you don’t get to follow the account owner just automatically. A request is sent and you have to wait for their approval, otherwise you won’t be able to see their uploads.

You can also send private messages to specific people or share videos and photos directly without having to post them on your account.

Easy Connectivity to Other Social Media Sites

You can easily connect your Instagram account to your other accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. You can also login to your Instagram account via these other accounts and share your Instagram photos to these accounts within no time.

You also might be just interested in filtering your photos and videos and use them in other places other than Instagram. This is still possible as Instagram allows you to use its advanced creative tools then probably take a screen shot and use them wherever you want.

In summary, Instagram is an amazing site that makes you feel connected to the world while keeping in touch with your friends and family. You get to experience the world through what other people posting while making new friends from different parts of the world.